Photo Credit:  Paige Newton

Photo Credit: Paige Newton

Sara HusseY, Principal

A marketing graduate from the University of North Texas, Sara's first taste of public relations was at an unpaid internship at a full-service marketing firm in Fort Worth, Texas. One of her first assignments on the job was to write a press release about a new client: a Texas corn seed company. Not knowing a thing about press releases or corn seed, Sara dove in headfirst. It didn't take long before Sara was hooked on PR....not so much on corn seed.

Sara eventually brought her skills and desire to support local brands to her hometown of Austin, where she had the opportunity to work with a budding fashion designer. It was there that Sara saw the need and opportunity to help local brands build their voice and connect with the right media. And so in 2013, Sara Hussey Public Relations was born. With a passion to support and grow local businesses, Sara works with brands she believes in and takes great pride in helping them thrive.  

When Sara's not collaborating with clients, you can find her walking her pup, Luna, around Red Bud Trail; touring Austin's newest restaurants; experimenting with the latest DIY craze; and traveling as often as possible with her husband, Trevor. 

What our Clients are saying 

When we were getting our business off the ground and exploring the plethora of marketing opportunities, “PR” was definitely an area we knew little about and were frankly weary too spend much on. I was told by a fellow entrepreneur that it was the “hardest check he had to cut every month” and I think that was because he felt it was hard to measure the value of his investment. Even given these hesitations, we wanted to explore the marketing spectrum and decided to investigate PR options. We did our research and spoke with folks at PR firms large and small. After our conversation with Sara, we found she was both candid in her approach but also clearly demonstrated the ability to sense-make and learn, an important quality for entrepreneurial ventures we hadn’t discerned from anyone else we spoke with. We initiated a contract with Sara and haven’t looked back. The opportunities she facilitated, from publications in local papers to interviews on NPR, have without question been the best marketing investment we have made to date. Sara always brings her energy and perspective to the evolving challenges of our business and leverages her network to consistently unearth new leads and possibilities. She has a positive attitude in all situations and is someone whose advice we consistently sought as we worked to grow awareness and excitement with our customer base. If you’re on the fence about an investment in PR, have a conversation with Sara and take the opportunity to work with her. You’ll be glad you did.
— Erik Culver, Owner of ArtStartArt
I had the pleasure of working with Sara as we were launching our store, Alexa James Baby. From day one Sara was an instrumental part of our journey. Sara planned our grand opening, secured press, initiated collaborations and made introductions.

Working with Sara you can expect professionalism, results, friendship and someone who TRULY cares about the businesses she supports. She’s worth every penny and more.
— Karina Drake, Owner of Alexa James Baby
Sara has not only delivered on promises and goals made, but she wants to fully capture the essence of your business and show it off to the world as best as she can. She is a joy to work with and a strong creative that draws people towards your company; a company that she believes in. She is committed to utilizing her network and resources to grow your brand, and I have seen the results she can produce.
— Ashley Wainscott, Owner of Simply Sold
Working with Sara has been absolutely lovely and extremely valuable for our business! We were newly launched and Sara was able to guide us through the waters of PR. She is very knowledgeable and helped create a strong strategic plan to execute.
— Rowena Lei, Co-Founder of August Sage
It has been a pleasure working with Sara Hussey PR. Her knowledge of public relations has been invaluable to me and my floral company, Bella by Sara. She provided an extraordinary service and was proactive, effective and connected to all the right people. Throughout our contract, Sara consistently made herself accessible and quickly responded to my questions. While working together Sara planned, coordinated and executed a private, industry event at my studio. The event was beautifully organized and our guests had an amazing time. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with and I know we could not have pulled this off without her. Simply the best!
— Sara Moulder, Owner of Bella By Sara
Launching a new business or rebranding can be a scary thing. When we decided to do both of these things at the same time, the idea of generating press and planning a launch party was overwhelming to say the least. We decided to hire Sara to help create buzz for the new brands and handle all the party planning. She has completely surpassed all of my expectations and the goals we set in the beginning have already been crushed. The national and local press we’ve received could only have come from her connections. The handful of events that we have hosted in our showroom would not have been possible without her involvement (she curates the BEST swag bags ;)). And she just doesn’t stop - it’s been a wild and crazy ride these last few months with tons of PR opportunities perfectly tailored to our brand and more just keep on coming thanks to her diligence. I look forward to seeing what the next few months have in store!
— Anna Crelia & Rhoda Brimberry, Owners of Loot Rentals and Loot Finer Goods
Working with Sara and her team really was the kickstart that I needed for both myself and for Thirds. The connections she helped me build and the exposure she garnered for my brand through local media are priceless! I honestly felt like I had someone there with me the entire time cheering me on as I launched a business, reached out of my comfort zone and met new goals I never thought I would be able to achieve. She consistently has inventive new collaboration ideas, is always one step ahead of the curve and will always provide you with valuable feedback. I feel that our relationship has just began and look forward to what the future holds!
— Amy Young, Owner of THIRDS
As a new business owner, I didn’t know what to expect from working with a PR representative. After working with Sara, I would HIGHLY recommend her service to anyone launching a new business in Austin. She is both extremely friendly and professional at the same time. The amount of exposure and media connections she brought to St Elmo was crucial to the success of the business.
— Bryan Winslow, Co-Founder of St. Elmo Brewing Co.
I initially met Sara when my online shop at the time participated as a pop up at an event that she put together for Love Ding in 2014. I was blown away by how organized and professional her preparation emails were and on the big day it was clear that so much thought and love had been put into the event. I remember thinking to myself “When I start my next venture I HAVE to work with this girl!” A few years later The Refinery was really starting to become a reality for me, and I reached out to Sara instantly. At our first coffee together I knew that I had made the right decision - Not only did we just connect so well as friends, but I feel like she understood my brand immediately and knew the exact direction we needed to go in during our pre-launch phase. Since working with her, we have put on a handful of beautiful events (always with a line out the door), participated in relevant articles and public speaking opportunities and collaborated with some of my dream brands and people. Sara not only works hard to get her clients media exposure but she really helps develop, grow and enhance your brand as a whole through strategic partnerships, collaborations and thoughtfully designed events.
— Hayley Swindell, Found of The Refinery
Sara, Thank you for everything your team does for Sentrel Natural Beauty Store. We love the energy and synergy of great ideas and fun events. You have really created an amazing community of Austin businesses. Thank you,
— James Bryant and Sarah Bensley, Owner of Sentrel Natural Beauty Store
Working with Sara was revitalizing for my business and brand. The connections she helped me make still have an echoing effect months later and I contribute so much of my current forward motion to her. She is personable, highly communicative and collaborative. I plan on working with her again and happily recommend her services!
— Heather Gallagher, Owner of Heather Gallagher Photography
At the time Sara and I started working together, I had been spending more time trying to get some exposure for my business, than actually running my business. Combine that with the fact that I didn’t know the first thing about getting press, it wasn’t the most efficient way to spend my time. Fast forward to almost a year later, Sara has taken my business to the next level in ways I never would have expected. What I love most about working with her is that she really tries to find press opportunities that are a great fit with my brand, aesthetic, and values. I’ve never felt like anything she’s pitched for me has been forced or something I wasn’t proud of. I hope to continue working with Sara for as long as possible.
— Catelyn Silapachai, Co-Founder of The Distillery
From the moment Sara and I met I knew we were a great match! Her youthful, yet very mature energy was an immediate sign that we were going to work really well together. She is creative, organized, personable and lovely to work with. Her follow through and commitment to us has been so refreshing and we have seen growth in our company in just a few months. Every pitch or event is well thought out, intentional and very clearly comes from a place of skill and passion for the job. It has been a pleasure to work with Sara these last few months and I look forward to continuing to grow together!
— Abby Nagler, Co-Founder of The Little Yoga House
Sara has exceeded all of my expectations during the short two months we have been working with her. She has a keen ability to make things happen and stay very attentive along the way. Within the first week of working together we planned a grand opening party and she not only got the word out to the right people but she was there the whole day making sure things ran smoothly. Sara is very easy to work with and it is no surprise that she is great at her job. In the last two months we have been featured on the radio, in a live news segment, in the local news, popular magazines, famous blogs, and the most recent feature about our business in the Austin Business Journal. I can’t say enough great things about working with her. She is professional and also fun to be around.
— Erin Downing, Co-Owner of Blenders & Bowls
Sara couldn’t be a better person to bounce ideas off of. She’s helped me plan and organize 10+ events that have brought in hundreds of people to my shop, brainstormed social media campaigns that have doubled my following and also helped legitimize me as a designer through magazine exposures and numerous articles in local publications. She has helped me grow my little business into something I’m truly proud of! She’s not only creative and talented but a joy to be around.
— Denise Roberts, Owner of Love Ding
Sara brings a welcome personal touch to her representation of HACIENDA. She really takes the time to understand our story and our goals to create thoughtful outreach efforts with a focus on fit more so than a volume blitz. She has helped us organize several special events that have deepened our ties to our customers and has facilities many informal introductions between HACIENDA and local artisans by virtue of her relationships. These connections are core to our brand identity.
— Jessica Beattie, Owner of HACIENDA
Working with Sara has been hugely beneficial for our business, giving us the helping hand we need to push our products and content to the people we want to reach. Having a one on one relationship really helps to focus her efforts on the areas we want to expand.
— Clif Claycomb, Founder of The Early Hours
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sara! Being a new business, it’s all about spreading the word, and she helped me succeed in doing just that. Sara made sure no stone was left unturned, and that we were mentioned in the most relevant media outlets. She is incredibly organized, engaged, professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with!
— Jessica Conaway, Owner of DYLAN WYLDE
Sara facilitated important and lasting connections in our industry, as a new business owner this was invaluable. She helped to quickly grow our community following, and give our business a great start!
— Rebecca Yanoff, Owner of COVE
My desk is covered in beautiful invitations that are just a hint of whats to come (a special shout-out to publicist Sara Hussey, whose client invites are too pretty not to RSVP to).
— Kathy Blackwell, Editor of Austin Way magazine from her Fall 2016 Editor's Letter