4 Websites We're Loving Right Now

Here at Sara Hussey PR we are always seeking out the newest things happening in the marketing and PR world. Keeping up to date on trends and reading industry-focused publications is part of the job. Here are a few of our favorite publications for knowledge and inspiration!

PR Couture

PR Couture is pretty much a one-stop shop for all things PR related. They offer articles with tips on moving forward with your career, connecting with bloggers, and contacting potential clients. In addition, they offer downloadable media lists, e-books, and online classes to help keep you on the front edge of the PR game.


Bloglovin’ is like Pinterest, but specifically for blogs and articles. You have a dashboard and can choose to follow blogs from any category of Lifestyle, Food & Drink, or Business. It’s an easy way to find inspiration for the office but also for reading up on the latest trends.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a marketing guru, author, and blogger who was inducted into the marketing hall of fame in 2013. On his blog he provides his take on marketing, leadership and the constant sharing of ideas.


Fashionista is an online publication based out of New York focused on reporting fashion news, criticism, and career advice. One of the interesting things about their articles is that if it’s an opinionated piece, the reporter uses their first name in the headline. Ex: The armpit sweater Whitney can’t stop thinking about. It adds a personal touch to the articles and encourages readers to click and learn the personality of the reporters at Fashionista.


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