Meet Amy Young, Founder of Thirds

Amy + Thirds in her own words:

When I 21 years old fresh out of Texas State University, I landed a job in New York with a magazine that was just launching (which is now Women’s Health Magazine today).  Utilizing the fearless mentality of every 21 year old I packed my bags and found myself living in Brooklyn 2 weeks later.  

After a few years of working under the Rodale Publishing house, I began my career at NYLON Magazine which to every Millenial at the time was the end all, be all of jobs.  From there I eventually became the Marketing Director of NYLON which included lots of travel and meeting some of the most talented, interesting and influential friends and mentors that I still have close relationships with to this day.

After my time in magazines I moved to working for fashion brands, alice + olivia and Coach which of course garnered great exposure to some one-of-a-kind opportunities.  

Being a true Southern girl at heart, my entire time while in NY I was always trying to shape a home atmosphere for myself and friends.  I realized that creating situations that brought comfort and happiness was “my thing”.  Given this appreciation for entertaining and togetherness, I started spending more and more time visiting artists' studios and small shops admiring the works of ceramicists and other artists while at home in NY and also while traveling for work.  

When I moved back to Texas I knew that I needed to shake things up a bit, so I decided it was my now or never moment and decided to curate a collection highlighting artists that I had discovered and loved which is now what Thirds is today!   

I really wanted to create a space that both highlighted artists that I admired, while also granting customers access to their work in an approachable manner.  I strongly believe that one’s home is an extension of personal style in the same mode that art and fashion can be for many.  

Our commitment is to help others curate environments of their own whether it be a living room or even an office cubicle which reflects their character and individuality.  

If you share any piece of advice with a young woman, just out of college, what would you tell her?

Really honor this time as YOUR time to explore, do and try everything that you can!  Don’t be afraid to make big moves, go after that dream job and be open to meeting new kinds of people.   

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Take it one bite at a time-- it’s so easy to get overwhelmed, and it’s important to remember that every small step and achievement gets you closer to the end goal.

What is one item you considered purchasing for your home but didn’t, and you still find yourself think about today?

An Eames Hang-It-All coat rack produced by Herman Miller

What’s next for Thirds?

Thirds will continue on as an online marketplace, but will continue to partner with other local brick and mortar retailers to host a series of pop-up shops.  I would love to begin to explore more and more custom orders for boutique hotels, hospitality groups and one-on-one clients.  

I like to take each day at a time and see what comes my way while staying true to the roots of Thirds which is to continue to inspire stories.  

Rapid Fire:

Night owl or early bird? Early Bird!

Dream travel destination? Right now, I have my eyes on Provence!

Favorite quote? "If you are gracious, you have won the game." -Stevie Nicks

Favorite holiday? Christmas, but Fourth of July is a VERY close second!

Favorite piece in your home? My dining room table! I’ve daydreamed of having a space large enough to really entertain and have guests over for dinner. Now I finally have it, and I can’t help but love it.


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