Meet the Founder of June & January

We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest addition to the SHPR client family, June & January. June & January is all about creating clothing kids can have fun in! With bright colors, adorable prints and affordable basics, June & January has become a staple from Mama’ ranging from your next door neighbor to the Kardashians!

Founder, Amy Richardson launched June & January (formerly Little Hip Squeaks) in her Brooklyn kitchen in 2010.  Inspired to create newborn hats from thrifted t-shirts for her son and friends, the brand quickly expanded when Richardson began selling on Etsy. Now, June & January offers 12 signature styles ranging in size from newborn to 9/10, small batch styles in limited colors and prints, and in 2018, the brand released J&J for Mama, a collection of three nursing-friendly clothing options. Recently, June & January officially made Georgetown, Texas their headquarters and they’ve hired us on to help grow their Central Texas brand awareness.

Recently we had a chance to sit down with Founder, Amy Richardson and we put her through a round of rapid fire questions. Check-out her answers and get to know the brand below.

What was the inspiration behind the name June & January? The original name (little hip squeaks) felt too kitschy for the goals I had, so after my daughter was born I decided to name the company after my biggest inspirations of all — my kiddos! June is my sons birth month, and January my daughters.

What’s one clothing item that you think every baby should have in their closet? Booties.

#1 social media tip?  Quality vs quantity. Both in followers and the content you provide.

Favorite clothing season? Ohhhhh, I love me some layering but I have a mean Bryr collection of open toed shoes that I long for September-June.

What’s next for June & January? Lots of product expansion this year in the form of accessories; we’re introducing shoes and bringing basic, affordable, simple accessories to the marketplace like ball caps, hair clips, hair ties and undies.


What’s the best part about your job? Every few weeks I’ll send about 100 packages of unreleased product to members of our Facebook group (J&J Perks) — it’s a complete surprise to them. I pick the looks, package them, bring them to the post office. Then I get to watch their excitement about getting a package from my home address, and then see the photos of their kids. It’s so much fun, and brings me so much joy.


Favorite place to eat in Austin?

Brunch - Hanks

Dinner - Elizabeth Street

Treats - Tiny Pies


Favorite place to take the babies in Austin? If you asked either of my kids that question they’d probably say the play area at IKEA. But we really love doing an afternoon at Mueller — grabbing coffee, popping into the Thinkery for an hour or two, then hitting up the playground and getting ice cream at Lick.


What’s your coffee order?  Iced coffee with cream — biggest one they’ve got.


For more information about June & January, check out their website: and follow them on Instagram @juneandjanuary.