Keep Austin Mindful Gift Guide for Kids

Time seems to be going by so quickly. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, or maybe it's because it's too easy to get lost on various social media platforms. To slow things down, I'm making a point to seek ways to live a more mindful and present life. Simple gestures such as turning my phone off while I eat, reading a book before bed and taking the time to pause with a daily journal are baby steps to a more mindful approach to life. As an adult it's a little more challenging to change my habits, which is why I love the toys and games available at Austin-based The Little Yoga House. Their mix of toys are fun while also teaching simple meditation and mindful practices to children as young as 3 years old. Oh, and did I mention all the toys listed are under $25?! Starting a mediation practice or learning how to be more mindful doesn't have to start as an adult! Where were these toys when I was a kid?!

All items listed below are available to purchase locally at The Little Yoga House's Anderson Ln. boutique or by phone at 512-358-6190. 

1. Yoga Joes $25

Meet the Yoga Joes, here to keep the inner peace! This kit comes with nine Joes including headstand, meditation pose, cobra pose, warrior one, warrior two, child's pose, tree pose, crow pose, and downward-facing dog pose. 

2. Floating Color Timer $15

An easy meditation tool, the floating timers helps kids focus & relax by quietly watching the colors fall to the bottom. 

3. Buddha Board Mini $14

The Buddha Board mini uses water to create images that will slowly disappear. The boards are perfect for planes or travel because all you need is water. They also helps teach impermanence and meditation within a creative setting. 

4. Buddha Bank $12

The Buddha Money Bank is a porcelain bank that features a Gautama Buddha in meditative prayer pose. The bank comes in different colors including orange, pink, blue and purple. It serves as a coin bank as well as an interesting display piece, and lets your child practice Buddha’s lessons about owning the future by preparing for it today.

5. Healing Stones $12

Healing Stones are a great addition to relaxation and meditation time with your child. You can place a stone on their third eye, their heart or they can simple hold the stones and relax with each stone's individual healing properties.


About The Little Yoga House

The Little Yoga House is a boutique yoga school for children and families, with a specific focus on healthy child development through yoga, aerial yoga, mindfulness and an integration of the arts. For more information visit or visit either one of the two locations: in Clarksville at 1211 Parkway, Austin, TX 78703 or in North Austin at 2700 W. Anderson Lane Suite 229, Austin, TX 78757.  Follow along with The Little Yoga House on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest.