Rapid Fire Q&A with St. Elmo Brewing Co.

Recently, we had the privilege of helping our friends, Bryan Winslow & Tim Bullock, open St. Elmo Brewing Co. in South Austin. Despite the torrential downpour on Saturday, Dec. 3rd, St. Elmo celebrated their grand opening to a packed house of nearly 2k patrons.

Throughout our partnership we've been inspired by this dynamic duo's love of community, family, sense of humor and their incredible work ethic. Of course, the endless beer was pretty great too! Their charm is too sweet not to share, so we thought it would be fun to ask them a couple of rapid fire questions! Check-out their answers below. 

Photo Credit: Heather Gallagher Photography 

All-time favorite beer or the beer that made you think about going into the beer business?

Bryan: St Arnold Lawnmower

Tim: Beer that made me want to get into brewing: Ommegang Hennepin. Favorite beer? At the moment it's our American IPA: Slater.

Dream vacation destination or favorite place you've traveled?

Bryan: I would love to backpack New Zealand with My wife, AMy

Tim: Sailing in the Caribbean on my own boat!!

Night owl or early bird? 

Bryan: Early Bird fo sho

Tim: Little bit of column A, little of column B

Favorite quote? 

Bryan: "Where the beer flows like wine and the women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capitstrano." - Lloyd Christmas

Tim: "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."

What was your nickname in high school? 

Bryan: Bra

Tim: Nothin' fancy, just Tim

What's on your Christmas wishlist? 

Bryan: Shotgun

Tim: A car that has working heat.

What is your proudest St. Elmo moment so far:

Bryan: When the entire brewery was full of people, drinking beer, and listening to an amazing bluegrass band

Tim: The day we moved our brewhouse and cellar tanks into the building.  


About St. Elmo Brewing Co.

Started in 2016 by two dudes who love beer, St. Elmo Brewing Co. is an Austin-based brewery with a rotating mix of in-house brews varying from a clean, refreshing Kolsch to a pale ale that explodes with zest and fruit. Stop by for a quick drink or spend the day enjoying the indoor bar, beer hall and beer garden in South Austin’s newest creative district, The Yard. Great beer isn’t the only option at St. Elmo; the brewery also offers pour-over coffee, house-made mineral water and bites. Resident food truck Soursop serves Asian cuisine made to pair perfectly with St. Elmo’s beer menu. Located at 440 E. St. Elmo Road Ste. G2, Austin, TX 78745. For more information visit StElmoBrewing.com or follow along on InstagramFacebook and Twitter